Older CPU Coolers May Have Issues With Intel’s Alder Lake Desktop CPUs

According to the reports, Intel’s Alder Lake chip and older CPU coolers do not seem to be compatible with each other, resulting in poor performance of gaming PCs.

Intel’s Alder Lake gaming CPU is reportedly expensive and will cost almost the same as an Nvidia RTX 3080. Naturally one can think of reusing the existing cooler to keep the price low. However, it is reported that using your own setup might cause some compatibility issues. It was explained in a report published by Wccftech.

Intel LGA 1700 Alder Lake CPU Socket Mounting Specs 1030x662 1

The report by Wccftech includes a leaked picture of three AIO coolers; an MSI K360, Corsair H115, and CoolerMaster ML. In the image, the residual thermal paste on MSI’s cooling solution looks relatively fine while the other two Corsair and CoolerMaster’s cold plates appear to show signs of unequal distribution.

The pressure disparity is an indication of the Alder Lake line’s lower Z-stack height. It appears that even a discrepancy of 1 mm can cause cold plate and CPU contact problems. As Intel’s 12-generation processors depend on efficient cooling, the above-mentioned issue could impede the performance of some gaming PCs that utilize upgrade kits and brackets.

Intel Alder Lake CPU LGA 1700 Mounting Pressure Distribution Comparison AIO Coolers 1 900x506 1

More accurate information about this problem has not been received yet. We will get more information when the reviewers will report the issue after using the chips and mounting kits.

Via Wccftech