Intel & AMD Teaming Up To Produce Gaming Laptop Chip

For the first time since the 1980s rivals Intel and AMD are teaming up to product a laptop chip that makes use of an Intel processor and an AMD graphics unit. This partnership puts Intel and AMD up against NVIDIA. The new chip is to be made for laptops that are thin and portable, but still powerful enough for gamers to play the latest titles.

Intel 8th Gen CPU discrete graphics 2

For the longest time Intel used their integrated “HD Graphics” which really was not something to write home about. Most people looking for a gaming latop would have to settle for a laptop with a discrete GPU solution from NVIDIA.

The chip is said to use HBM2 memory, so we can expect these are Vega GPU cores being used. Intel says this is the first consumer product that uses the EMIB small intelligent bridge design, which allows information to be passed quickly in “extremely close proximity.” The bridge allows chips to be both smaller and more powerful.

It is said these new chips won’t compete AMD’s Ryzen notebook chips, which are designed for ultra-thin laptops.

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