Intel Announces 730 Series Solid State Drives

Intel has just announced their 730 Series solid state drives, which are aimed at gamers and enthusiasts. Intel has overclocked the controller on the drive by 50% and the NAND by 20%, which makes it faster than previous drives.

Intel 730 Series Solid State Drives

The drive will be capable of writing 70GB of data every day, for 5 years! That makes it ideal for gamers, content creators and people who are using that much data. This is much more data than other drives would be comfortable with.

Intel will be releasing the 730 series in both 240GB and 480GB models, although the 480GB model will be the faster drive with speeds up to 470 MB/s where the 240GB model only has speeds of 270 MB/s.

These drives are set to launch March 18th, but they are available for pre-order as well.

Source: Intel | News Archive

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