Intel CEO Promises Broadwell in PCs By The End Of The Year

At the Maker Faire this past weekend Reuters got to talk to Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, who confirmed that we would see the companies upcoming Broadwell chips in PCs sold during the holiday season.

Brian Krzanich

“I can guarantee for holiday, and not at the last second of holiday,” Krzanich said to Reuters. “Back to school – that’s a tight one. Back to school you have to really have it on-shelf in July, August. That’s going to be tough.”

Broadwell is going to be a big thing for Intel. It will be the first chip to use the Haswell architecture on a 14nm process and will have more graphics execution units on the chip. The reduced process means that Broadwell chips will consume much less power. Intel claims that Broadwell will improve battery life by 30% and will also allow notebooks to be fanless.

Krzanich comments give us a better idea of the launch date of Broadwell as Intel only stated the “second half of 2014” previously. Expect more details later this year, most likely at Intel’s Developer Forum in September.

Source: Reuters | News Archive

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