Intel Core i5 and Core i7 Mobile Haswell Processors Refreshed

Just recently Intel has released 9 new Haswell mobile processors and a single new Celeron processor. These new processors feature the normal architectural improvement as well as increasing the frequency by 100 MHz compared to the previous versions.


The new Haswell processors include the Core i5-4310M, i5-4310U, i5-4340M and i5-4360U, 7-4610M, i7-4810MQ, i7-4860HQ, i7-4910MQ, and Core i7-4940MX Extreme Edition. For those who do not know the “U” means ultra low voltage, the “M” means normal mobile processor range, the “MQ” means it makes use of the HD 460, the “HQ” means it makes use of the Iris Pro graphics, and the “MX” means it has an unlocked multiplier.


As you can see the Celeron 2980U on the above table, it is not a new processor, but rather a relaunch of the same one, with a $30 price reduction.

Source: WCCFTech | News Archive

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