Intel Core i7 860 LGA 1156 Processor Review

Testing – Futuremark
Next I ran my favorite Futuremark gaming benchmarks, PCMark05, 3DMark06, PCMark Vantage, and 3DMark Vantage.  Here the video cards came into play, so again keep in mind that the i7 860 rig was running a much more powerful video card than the older i7 920 rig.


***I suspect this low CPU score on PCMark05 was related to the low scores on SuperPi and Cinebench10.




Testing – Photoshop
Next I did some real world testing.  I used Photoshop Bench by  Photoshop Bench takes a .jpg and runs a series of 15 filters on it.   Though there are 15 steps, I only showed the results of some of the longer ones, many of them only take a few seconds, not long enough to show real results.


The i7 860 didn’t do very well in Photoshop compared to the i7 920.  Photoshop is memory intensive, especially with large files, so it could have been the difference between dual and triple channel.  But, only one core was utilized so I’m wondering if it wasn’t due to the same issue I saw with SuperPi.