Intel Core i9-10850K listed by retailers along with new entry-level Celeron CPUs

Intel has a new beast in the works. We have previously reported about the Intel Core i9-10850K, the new i9 chip with 10 cores and 20 threads. New listings now confirm that this chip will come to retail, as it has been listed along with a few new Celeron chips.

The Intel Core i9-10850K will be an unlocked chip going up to 5.20 GHz on boost. We have seen its Geekbench listing that was recently leaked, showing some solid performance. Following that, we had listings of the chip in OEM assembled systems, giving us approximate pricing. The chip has now been listed across several retailers in its boxed variant. Take a look:

Intel Core i9 10850K listing

The previous estimate of $450 should hold up. LambdaTek shows the pricing at £459.41, while Cyclotron has priced it at £472.76. The actual prices should be lower.

Coming to the Celeron CPUs, we have three new SKUs named Celeron G5925, Celeron G5902, and Celeron G5905T. These are entry level chips featuring 2 cores and 4 threads, and 4 MB of L3 cache. They will be clocked at 3.60 GHz, 3.50 GHz, and 3.3 GHz, respectively. They will sit well as entry-level offerings from Intel. Take a look at the listings:

Intel Celeron G5905 listing Intel Celeron G5925 listing

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