Intel Core i9-10900K Stress Tested, Reaches Temperatures of 93C

A stock Intel Core i9-10900K 10-core processor was put to the test as it was subjected to the FPU stress test built into AIDA64. Running this test the temperature and power values reach into the HEDT territory. While the user had Furmark stress testing the GPU he also had AIDA64’s FPU stress test running on the CPU. Temperatures rose to 93C and the power draw was 235.17W. This is with a 240 mm AIO liquid cooling solution.

i9 10900k stress

The chip was able to sustain clock speeds of 4.77 GHz, which is close to the advertised 4.80 GHz all-core turbo boost frequency.

Via @WolStame (Weibo), @9550pro (Twitter)

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