Intel Core i9-12900K Is Now Cheaper Than Core i7-13700K And Ryzen 9 7900X

The 16-core Core i9-12900K is currently available for $416.99, a significant drop from the initial price of $589 more than a year ago. This CPU features the entire Alder Lake chip configuration, which includes 8 Performance and 8 Efficient cores for a total of 16 cores.

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The CPU may be overclocked to 5.2 GHz and has a TDP of 125W by default. Aside from the current series’ CPU being 200 MHz faster and costing $13 more, this configuration is nearly identical to that of the i7-13700K. Prices for the i9-12900K are comparable on BestBuy and somewhat more ($424) on Newegg.

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The latest Intel 13th Gen Core CPU series is not as susceptible to price drops as Alder Lake did. However, AMD Ryzen 7000 series processors had significant (up to 20%) price drops while they were just 1.5 months old. Despite what an AMD spokesman indicated regarding ‘time-limited deals,’ those prices are still available internationally.

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