Intel Core i9-13900K Is Now Available For Just $530, 13700K For $330 While 13600K Drops To $250

MicroCenter has now introduced major price reductions. We are expecting to hear more about the Ryzen 7000X3D series later this month, but in the meanwhile, Intel and their partners have introduced some appealing price reductions. In addition to the price reductions at MicroCenter for K-series processors, there are also price reductions for other CPUs.

The flagship 24-core i9-13900K variant is currently available for $529.99, a $59 savings from the original MSRP. A Core i7-13700K 16-core processor is now only $349.99 at the same retailer. In addition, Core i5-13600K is now available for $249.99, $69 less than it was previously.

Although this is a highly fair price, it should be noted that this offer is only available for in-store pickup and not online. The most prominent U.S. retailers (Amazon, Newegg, and MicroCenter) were examined to determine if more SKUs’ prices were reduced. Two of the seven accessible unlocked K-models are still being offered for more than their MSRP.

Amazon has reduced the price of the recently launched Core i9-13900KS Raptor Lake-S flagship processor. A $40 discount may be applied to lower the price to $689.99. This also means we have the very first price cut on this CPU.

Via MicroCenter