Intel Core i9 Skylake-X CPU Benchmarks Surface

We reported just the other day that Intel will be releasing a Core i9 Series of HEDT processors and it looks like today we have the first leaked benchmarks. The leaked benchmarks come from a 10-core as well as a 12-core Intel Skylake-X processors. These we presume are the Core i9 7900X (10-core) and Core i9-7920X (12-core). Both processors have been tested on integer and floating point calculations.

skaylake x benchmark

The 10-core i9-7900X (3.1 GHz base frequency, no Turbo listed), scores 107 in single-core benchmarks and 1467 in the multi-core test. The 12-core i9-7290X (2.9 GHz base, 3.25 GHz Turbo (avg)) scored 130 points in the single-threaded tests and 1760 in the multi-core. We can assume that turbo is working as expected then.

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