Intel Introduces Their Graphics Command Center App

Intel has revealed their new Graphics Command Center app, which is Intel’s vision of a graphics control hub. The theme is of course blue and has a pretty simple layout (at least for now). While there are not a ton of enthusiasts-level options (expect those to be added close to their discrete GPU launch), the Command Center shows Intel’s overall spirit towards their graphics card push.

In the display tab it will show your connected displays, allow you to change resolution, refresh rate, scale, and rotation. The video tab appears to allow for some type of overlay showing different values as well as a few other options.

intel 1 intel 2

The system tab has settings for hot keys, driver, and hardware. Under the support tab you’ll find online resources and even a convienient link to download the latest drivers etc.

intel 3 intel 4

Obviously the control center is only for Intel’s integrated graphics solutions, but expect this to be the base of what the app will be for the discrete graphics cards. Intel announced an early access program for users who want to be part of the usability development of the new Command Center. It is available through the Microsoft App Store on Windows.

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