Intel Might Block Non-K OC Feature on Skylake Motherboards

It has been reported that Intel might soon block overclocking support on their non-K Skylake processors, much like they did with Haswell. Intel will soon roll out a BIOS update that might just disable any sort of overclocking support on Non-K Skylake processors.


Overclocking on non-K Skylake processors came out a few months after the official launch of Skylake when many Intel motherboard partners released new BIOS’s with a new feature called “Non-K OC”. Every Skylake processor except the top-end K-series has a locked multiplier design, which limits overclocking. The “Non-K OC” feature allows users to adjust the BCLK (base clock frequency) to overclock the processor. This allows these users to get even more performance out of their budget CPU.


Current motherboard vendors that offer this feature include ASUS, ASRock, MSI, EVGA, and BIOSTAR. Each company calls the feature something different for instance ASRock calls it Sky OC, while BIOSTAR calls it Hyper OC. It will be interesting to see if Intel actually does block this as 3 years ago when they did it with Haswell there was some backlash from the community.

Source: XFastest | News Archive

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