Saturday, November 17, 2018
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Intel NUC Based On The New Intel+Vega MCM Spotted

It looks like the first product based on Intel’s “Kaby Lake-G” multi-chip module (MCM) will be a NUC (next unit of computing). This NUC will combine a quad-core “Kaby Lake-H” die with a graphics die based on the AMD “Vega” architecture. This new NUC will likely be the successor to the Intel’s “Skull Canyon” NUC.

It is interesting that we see two distinct VRM areas for the CPU and GPU components. There are two DDR4 SO-DIMM slots, which have dual-channel memory installed and a M.2 NVMe slot where a 120 GB SSD is installed. There are two SATA 6GB/s ports as well and it there appears to be quite a lot of connectivity options on the rear I/O.

Bob Buskirk
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