Intel Reduces Comet Lake CPU Price To Compete with AMD Ryzen 5000

The Ryzen 5000 series from AMD impressed the PC crowd as the Zen 3 architecture gives them big IPC gains to bolster single-threaded performance. The processor has pretty good scores and specs, but getting hands on a 5000 processor can be a daunting task.

intel core i7 10700KF

The reason behind this is the fact that AMD has only one manufacturer, TSMC, and currently, it is booked to capacity; TSMC also manufactures Zen 2 CPU and RDNA 2 GPU for the next-gen consoles; hence it cannot increase production at the moment.

Considering this situation, Intel decided to make some cash by dropping its prices for Comet Lake-S processors. Supply isn’t an issue for Intel as it has various manufacturers around the world.

As far as the price drops are concerned, the Core i7-10700KF initially retailed at $319.99, then it dropped to $285, and now it has been set at $229. The i7-10700F with a disabled integrated GPU competes with Ryzen 5 5600X, which retails for $299.

In case you want a powerful processor, you can purchase the Core i9-10900KF for $449.99 from Newegg with free delivery. It competes with 8-core/16-thread Ryzen 7 5800X that retails at $449.

Let’s see how the 11th gen Intel processors will compete with Ryzen 5000 series once they are launched later during this quarter.