Intel Skylake Die Layout Detailed

Intel’s flagship Skylake processors (Core i7-6700K & Core i5-6600K) processors were launched earlier this month at Gamescom. When they were released Intel actually did not show us or anyone the actual die layout of the chip. Now that IDF is happening Intel has released these documents giving us more information about the “Slyake-D” silicon. On main difference between this and “Haswell-D” is that it is much smaller.

Intel Skylake Die Layout

Another big difference is that it is actually a “square” die. The CPU component is made up of four cores and is split into rows of 2 cores each, which sit across the chips L3 cache. Older layouts had a single file of four cores on one side of the L3 cache. The integrated GPU takes up almost as much space and the CPU component. The uncore component takes up the rest of the space on the die. The Gen9 iGPU features 24 execution units that are spread across three subslices of 8 executions each.

Source: TechPowerUp! | News Archive

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