Intel to Finally Release the 10th Gen Core-X HEDT CPUs on November 25th

We all expected Intel to launch and make available their 10th generation Core-X high-end desktop processors last month, but it was simply just a paper launch. The 10th Gen Core-X series has still not been available for purchase and there are no real reviews out there either. Well it looks like we might finally know when these processors will be available as a picture posted by PCDIY indicates that they will go on sale November 25th.

pcdiy hedt

When Intel announced this series of processors the big thing was the price reduction, which made them very competitive against AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper 2000 series. It is likely that Intel has held off releasing these processors to wait to see what AMD is doing with their Ryzen Threadripper 3000 series. AMD is expected to make a public announcement on November 5th and they have already scheduled a “Meet the Experts” webinar dedicated to “the Future of High-End Desktop” for November 6th.

Intel’s 10th generation Core-X series is made up of 4 SKUs from 10-core to 18-core and have a starting price of $590.

Intel X series 2


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