Intel Z590 Motherboards to Launch in January?

A new report from a Chinese news outlet posted on social media platform WeChat alleges that Intel’s upcoming 500 series motherboards will be announced on January 11th, which happens to be the same day Intel hosts their CES 2021 press conference. Intel is expected to release three motherboard series including Z590, B560, and H510. All three of these chipsets will be announced and released by Intel on the same day according to the source.

ASUS PRIME Z490-A Motherboard

The article also says that Intel has not yet set a firm date for the launch of their new Rocket Lake series of processors. There is speculation that the 11th Gen Core series could launch either at the end of February or March, alongside new motherboards.

It is really unclear why Intel would launch its next-generation motherboards ahead of the new CPUs, and honestly it does not make a whole lot of sense.

As with all stories like this, take it with a grain of salt…

Via Weixin

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