Intel’s 28-core Beast is the Xeon W-3175X

At Intel’s event yesterday they also spent no time at all showing off their upcoming 28-core chip, the Xeon W-3175X, which is aimed at the professional workstation segment. This chip is very similar to the one that we saw at Computex, it has 28 cores, 56 threads, a base frequency of 3.1 GHz and a boost up to 4.3 GHz.

intel 28 core

This new platform will support 68 PCIe lanes (44 on the CPU, 24 on the chipset). There is also support for six channel DDR4-2666 memory, so you can load your system up with 512 GB of memory (ECC or standard).

Intel 9th Gen Skylake X Core CPU 3

This chip is designed for the LGA3647 socket and with that new motherboards must be created to support this chip. Both Gigabyte and ASUS have confirmed they will have launch products for this processor.

Intel also confirmed that this chip will be available in December, although they did not give any pricing details, but you can expect this chip to be one of the most expensive out there.

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