Intel’s Broadwell-E HEDT Processors To Launch in Q1 2016

We haven’t heard that much about Intel’s HEDT (high end desktop) processors in a while. A new report from BenchLife suggest that Intel will be launching their flagship Broadwell-E HEDT processors in Q1 of 2016. The Broadwell-E platform is comprised of X99-based motherboards and 6-8 core processors.


If you take a look at the above chart that shows the schedule for Broadwell-E, ES sampling of the processors will commence in Q4 2015, followed by QS sampling which will mark the transition to final software optimization in late December 2015 to early January 2016. Mass production of the chips should start around February – March 2016. This means we could see a launch / announcement from Intel at CeBIT 2016 in March.

Broadwell-E will be the HEDT platform for 2016, while Skylake-E will be pushed back to 2017. New Broadwell-E processors will have full support on the current X99 platform which consists of LGA2011v3 socketed motherboards with DDR4 memory compatibility.


We do not have any confirmed SKUs, but we can assume to see similar processors that we saw with Haswell-E. So the flagship chip should be the Core i7-6960X, which will feature 8 cores, 40 PCI-Express lanes and have a TDP of 140W.

Source: BenchLife | News Archive

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