Intel’s First 10 nm Processor Will Be Out In 2017

Intel’s “tick-tock” development cycle is actually slowing down, now we have a 3-launch cadence per silicon fab process. For the 14nm process we’ve had “Broadwell” and “Skylake” and later this year we will have “Kaby Lake”. Intel will launch its first 10 nm CPU in 2017 and the process will host no less than three micro-architectures.


The first 10 nm micro-architecture will be codenamed “Cannonlake” and will launch at some point in 2017. From there Intel will build chips on the 10 nm process for two more generations after “Cannonlake”. “Icelake” is next and will come in 2018, after that will be “Tigerlake”. Only in 2020 will Intel move to its next fab process, which will be 5 nm.

Source: OC3D | News Archive

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