Intel’s Next-Gen LGA4677 Socket Detailed

It looks like Intel has finalized the design of their next-generation Xeon Scalable enterprise CPU socket. It is called LGA4677, which will succeed the LGA3647 socket and is bound for a 2021 market release. By this time Intel will have transitioned to its advanced 7nm EUV fabrication and will adopt a “enterprise-first” strategy for this node.

lga 4189 1

The LGA4677 socket will be designed to handle the extremely high bandwidth of PCI-Express Gen 5, which will double the bandwidth over PCIe gen 4.0, and will also add several enterprise-specific features Intel is rolling out in advance as part of the CXL interconnect. A prototype of the LGA4189 socket and these detailed at an exhibit by TE Connectivity, a company that manufactures the socket.

Via Kazuki Kasahara (Twitter)

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