Intel’s Upcoming Desktop CPUs will Require a new LGA 1200 Socket

We all know that we are going to get at least one more round of 14nm desktop CPUs from Intel before they hopefully make the jump down to 10nm. They plan to compete with AMD’s Ryzen offerings with increased core counts and operating speeds. These new desktop processors will be Comet Lake-S, which you will see an increase in core count up to a 10-core design. This new 10-core design will come with increased power consumption (up to 135W), and you’ll need a beefier power delivery system (once again!). So Intel is preparing the new LGA 1200 package that has 9 more pins than the current LGA 1151.

comet lake s

Moving to a new socket gives Intel to opportunity to refresh its chipset offerings once again. So if things stay the same, which they should, the new Z470 and Z490 chipsets will be the higher-end offerings for motherboard manufactures to build new boards from. The interesting thing though is that Intel is allegedly going to keep the same 16 PCIe 3.0 lanes as the current Coffee Lake Refresh offerings. The new Comet Lake-S CPUs will be built on the extremely refined 14nm process and are expected to roll out in Q1 2020.

Via XFastest

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