Intel’s Upcoming Xeon Processors Will Feature 28 Cores

Intel is getting closer to releasing their Skylake Purley-powered Xeon processors. Some of these new processors will feature 28 CPU cores, and with Hyper-Threading that means you will have 56 threads of CPU power!


Of course these new processors are not designed for consumer platforms, but rather multi-CPU setups. New Xeon E5 processor setups will have between two and four CPUs on a motherboard, while the Xeon E7 range will pack in an 8-socket design, which will give you an insane amount of CPU power, especially considering each CPU has 28 CPU cores and 56 threads!

The new update to the Xeon line is said to be the biggest update Intel has done to the line since Nahalem. We will see 56-thread count CPUs with 6-channel DDR4 architecture, the new AVX 512 instruction set and 100G Omni Path interconnect. If you are into Xeon’s this is going to be an exciting time for you!

Source: TweakTown | News Archive

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