Monday, September 24, 2018
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iPhone 5-friendly Nano-SIMs Popping up at T-Mobile Stores

The iPhone 5 is not ready for sale officially unlocked yet, but that does not mean T-Mobile is not ready to be your service provider. It seems this week many T-Mobile stores have received their first shipments of the iPhone 5-friendly Nano-SIMs TmoNews has confirmed. These Nano-SIMs will work perfectly with the Verizon-variant of the iPhone 5 as it is technically unlocked out of the box. Before you run down to your local T-Mobile store I would call to see if they have them in stock as they are being sent to select stores in a very limited quantity.

iPhone 5-friendly Nano-SIMs Popping up at T-Mobile Stores

Want more proof? YouTube user BigRicksChannel went out and purchased a Nano-SIM and has showed just how easy it is to take the SIM and install it in a Verizon iPhone 5.

Source: The Verge | News Archive

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