IronKey Workspace W700 Ultra-Secure “WinToGo” Released

Imagine you’re watching that spy movie where the main character has to get a secure line back to his handlers and send the sensitive data back to them but has to find a way to do it before the enemy wetworks guy finds him and kills him for his data. Well, that’s not too far off from this IronKey device. With the IronKey WorkSpace W700 you can plug this key into any USB3 connection on a Windows 8.1 Computer in the World and boot that Computer with your Key, your files, your programs and your sensitive Secret Data. It literally turns any Windows 8.1 computer into your very own Windows 7 computer in the time that it takes to do a single boot up and its not a slow boot either. It runs faster than any Mechanical Hard drive and is as fast as some low level to medium level Solid State Drives (SSD).

IronKey W700 news

So if your office needs absolute security for your agents, sales forces or security team out in the field, and you need absolute Military Grade Encryption this is the KEY. I know terrible pun, but it literally is like they are carrying an office laptop on their Keychain and if they work from home, well the office files and security are safe as well because when the worker is finished he turns off the computer and takes out the IronKey WorkSpace W700 and puts their device in a safe, drawer or a pocket.

Okay, so what if someone finds it or steals it. Well if they find it and want what’s on the IronKey WorkSpace W700 they had better have the passcode or its not going to work for them.

Okay so, what about a hacker gets into the machine and is ready and waiting for the W700 to be used. They may be able to connect to that computer but they can’t get past the IronKey WorkSpace W700 Encryption Key to watch, or download or upload a virus, unless they can break the 256 bit Military Encryption. It is so powerful that the U.S. Government has to allow them to sell this device and of course know all the encryption codes so they can get around the security because this thing is that powerful and that secure.

The IronKey WorkSpace W700 is physically built to be extremely tamperproof as well. If you wanted to open it up to get to get to the data you would literally have to break the unit and that would kill the data retrieval. So, if you do manage to get to the board of the device, then you would still have to be a Super Spy Geek with a specialty in Cryptography to break into it for the Secret Data.

The Iron Key Specs are:

IronKey W700 News

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