Is CSGO harder than Valorant

Gaming is growing rapidly, and so is the new game Valorant, but the question is which one is the most difficult game right now?

Before looking at which one is harder, let’s break down some short information about what is CSGO and Valorant.

What is CSGO

CSGO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) is a two teams armed with guns and fighting each other, which came out on August 21, 2012. The game is available on Steam for free, and the game is owned by Valve Corporation. CSGO is played on Windows, macOS Linux PS3, and XBOX 360.

CSGO also has a well-built esports scene, and its skin system has helped it immensely with building a betting community around it.

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What is Valorant

Valorant is a free-to-play multiplayer shooter game that came out on June 2, 2020 (was originally announced in October 2019 as Project A, and League of Legends developer Riot Games officially announced it as Valorant several months later. The game is available on Riot Games official website. Valorant can only be played on Windows.

Valorant gambling is also something really common and similar to any other esports virtual betting, and there are really no risks to any of your personal information as long as you are on reputable online betting sites.

Two ways for getting better at CSGO if you are a beginner

Watch pro streams

One of the best things you can do if you are a beginner in CSGO is watching and analyzing professional matches because you can notice some important details that can be missed if you are playing by yourself. You can see how the teams work and expand your knowledge about the movements, turns, and weapon usage. There are many pro players that take so much time demonstrating their skills at tournaments but also online, so if you are a newbie no worries because there is a lot of help that is offered all around you if you are really interested.

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Have your settings in order

Having the wrong settings could become a pretty big obstacle even if you are the best of the best at not even CSGO but any type of game. You can find lots of information online on what would be the best setting, but the most important ones are a big mouse pad with a smooth surface, a good headset, and a quality gaming mouse. Your chair is also a quite important element since you will be sitting for many hours and you need the most comfortable chair that you can find.

Also, one thing to keep in mind is to lower the sensitivity of the mouse so that it would be more precise with aiming.

Two ways of getting better at Valorant if you are a beginner

Aim train

One of the most important pieces of advice that you will get from a Valorant player will be aim training if you really want to have a constant improvement in your KD and ranking. We understand that it will be tempting to go straight to matches, but we really recommend practicing your aim for at least 30 minutes so that you could build up your muscle memory.

If you feel like you are not gaining the hang of the aim by the tools provided in the game, you can always try out CSGO’s “Aim map with bots” which offers a more intricate way of which helps you with your aim training.

Find a crosshair that works for you

Another mistake made by the new Valorant player is not taking time to find a suitable crosshair or finding what sens work for them. There are a number of tests that determine what works best for you. For example, try joining in the Practise Range in Valorant to test out one variety of crosshair and sensitivity or you can try and replicate a professionals player crosshair if you think it would be a good suit for you. However, if you are a seasoned player in other FPS ( Frames per second) games like Counter-Strike, you can use a sens converter to find what sensitivity your mouse should be in Valorant. Valorant is still a quite traditional shooter game at heart even though planting and refusing spike is the ultimate objective, you will need to ace the competition before they decide to wipe your team.

Differences between CSGO and Valorant



  • The game is more kid-friendly
  • Easy-to-learn
  • New and fresh
  • Has character variety
  • Gets Update
  • Needs 7GB to play


  • Cartoony Art Style
  • No run-and-gun
  • Each character has no personality
  • Voice chat may be adults saying swear words
  • You need a faster reaction time



  • Realistic art style
  • Very large player base
  • Cool weapons skin
  • Recognizable name


  • Old game players are getting bored
  • Mature players
  • Needs 16GB to play
  • Toxic players

Valorant is easier. Why? Because the game is newer and the players are getting used to the new mechanics, the mechanics are easier for young players, has easier to spam enemies to death, has easier aiming mechanics, you and the enemies move slower (if you carry heavy machine guns), Valorant does not need the best pc spec to play. You only need an Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 and an Intel HD 4000.

CSGO is harder. Why? Because the game is older and players know the format mechanics, map guns, etc. You and the enemies move faster, it is harder to get headshots and spam them down. CSGO needs a good pc spec. Intel Pentium Dual-Core E5700 3GHz NVIDIA GeForce GT 630 or better.