Is it better to play online slots on desktop or mobile?

A decade or so ago this wouldn’t have even been a question that you could have asked. If you didn’t have a desktop or laptop, then it would have been very difficult to play online slots or any type of casino games online at all.

Vast advancements in technology now mean that the majority of people own a smartphone, which are now capable of pretty much anything that you can do on your desktop or laptop.

So it begs the question, which is the better choice when it comes to gambling and playing slots online, the trusty desktop? Or the new kid in town the smartphone?

We asked the team over at, who know a thing or two about online slots as they run a successful affiliate website. They have shed some light on to the topic and weighed in with some valid points that could help us to answer this question.

Performance – We’re living in a time now where a top end mobile phone has as much power as a laptop did 10 years ago. But this also works both ways, as your desktop computers and laptops are now packing a far more powerful punch than ever before.

Whilst you are going to be getting an outstanding performance from playing on a mobile phone as all games are now optimised, you will still get the ultimate playing experience via desktop.

Affordability – This follows on nicely from the performance section that we have just mentioned. Yes a desktop or laptop will provide a better experience, but not if it’s an old setup or system.

Smartphones are now very affordable, whereas a high end computer can cost £1000s. So we have to take into consideration what each player can afford to spend on their device, and what level of performance it will provide them with.

But perhaps the most valid point in this section is that some players will not have the means to be able to pay for both a mobile phone and a desktop. It could ultimately be down to choosing one or the other, and in the modern day, a mobile phone will always come out on top.

Convenience – Another huge factor to consider is the busy life that everybody now leads, and how convenient it is for a player to get access to the slots when they fancy a few spins. Of course the mobile factor means that you can play on the go, or take your phone out any time you like and get access to a casino.

If you’re solely reliant on a desktop or laptop, then it does limit your accessibility and the times you can play. If you also like to do a bit of sports betting, then a mobile device is always going to come out on top as you can bet in play and make your selections in the palm of your hand.

Additional Games – Whilst you do get players that will specifically only play slots, you also get those who like to mix and match their play. This can lead to a hybrid player as such, where some live casino can also be mixed in with online slotting.

Live casino has advanced hugely over mobile in the last 3 years, but desktop is still very much the king when it comes to playing anything that is live casino related. The whole experience from start to finish is far superior, and this is in our opinion is one side of mobile gaming that can’t compete with its desktop counterpart.

Responsible Gambling – Having quick access to gambling applications through a mobile device has to be managed responsibly. This is by far one of the most important things considered when trying to figure out whether it’s better play on desktop or mobile.

Desktop play as we have discussed can be limited due to convenience, and it does help to manage the amount of time and money that can be spent on gambling. Mobile play is however there 24/7 pretty much, so to truly get the best experience from playing via this method, you need to have set limits in place and practice responsible gambling at all times.


There has been quite a lot to consider when determining which platform is the best to play online slots on. In reality there isn’t a clear cut answer as there are too many variables that come into play for each individual player.

In the ideal scenario you would have both platforms at your disposal, which would give you the option to play a variety of games and experience the best that each platform has to offer.

But to not sit on the fence and primarily go with one over the other, it would have to be suggested that the mobile is the better option of the two. This is mainly down to the fact that they are affordable, convenient, and the games are being continually improved as the percentage of mobile players continues to increase over those that use desktop.