Is This The NVIDIA TITAN Volta?

NVIDIA announced their first Volta product at their GPU Technology Conference not that long ago which was the HPC product the Tesla V100. The picture you see below has surfaced on Reddit showing a graphics card with a shroud that says “TITAN” on the side. On our first look we just though it was a well-made cooler mod, but then as we looked closer we could see that it appears to lack SLI fingers where you would expect them to be. Instead it has NVLink fingers in the same positions found on the PCIe add-in card variant of the Tesla P100 HPC accelerator.


So this isn’t a TITAN X Pascal cooler mod, but is it a P100 with a cooler mod to say TITAN? Well if we take a look at the power connectors it has two inputs on the top end of the card (where they are typically found on NVIDIA’s consumer graphics cards), and not on the rear of the card (where they are on the P100 and NVIDIA’s Tesla and Quadro series cards). Whoever has this card or took the photo either did a really good job at trying to fool us, or has an actual TITAN Volta sample.

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