It’s Break Time: Here are 3 Top Fun Ideas for Your Remote Team

The number of people working remotely was on the rise even before the global COVID-19 pandemic. With the restrictions on movement during and post-COVID-19, research shows 80% of company leaders have embraced the remote office system.

Of course the virtual office set up comes with unique challenges such top among these being loneliness which can cause stress. As a team leader, you have to create an environment where members balance work and life. While it’s not possible for members to meet physically, remote team building is still possible for your employees.

This post explores some remote specialization games you can integrate into your remote working program to build relationships, boost productivity, and reduce the risk of stress.

1.   Photo of Your Life

During the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, restricted movements forced people to resort to smartphones for all communication. Families, employees and students couldn’t meet and the electronic devices became the only way to share experiences.

Photos and videos were at the core of communication during lockdown, and you can leverage the trend to connect your employees. A photo of your life is a fun activity where employees or groups share unique photos from their lives.

The other team members try to create the background story to such photos. The game is an icebreaker and you can use the opportunity to help employees bond. Photo of your life is an icebreaker for remote teams as members learn more about each other.

2.   Virtual Games

Remote office systems connect members and allow seamless operations with the physical office. Some of the most popular remote working systems such as Microsoft Teams boost collaboration and communication, which has helped organizations continue operations amidst strict travel restrictions. By leveraging advanced integration tools such as Teams Telephony, organizations have achieved goals and boost productivity.

You can use such communication platforms to play virtual games and help your team relax. Of course there are rules required for such virtual games and as the team leader, you have a duty to set such rules. From bingo, truth or dare, trivia, guess who, bucket list challenges, video chat charades, draw the picture and others.

The idea is to bring employees closer and reduce boredom. As a team leader, appreciate the effect loneliness can have on your member. The employees were previously used to a lively environment at the office before the switch to the remote working environment.

3.   Virtual Team Building

Remote teams can’t enjoy team-building activities and this might affect their productivity. People working remotely can grow into strangers and as your team grows, more new people will come in.

65% of remote employees say they haven’t taken part in team building, which is a precarious situation. Some companies now provide tailored online remote buildings for remote employees.

Advances in technology allows your team to travel together to multiple destinations and tour the favorite sights. The team can suggest the best locations and you can visit them virtually. Activities such as scavenger hunts, paintball games, solving murder mysteries, game show extravaganza, solving online puzzles, team pursuit, and others.

The activities come in handy for virtual remote building activities. The idea is to help your remote employees gel and understand each other better. The team-building activities boost productivity and create a more relaxed online working environment.

4.   Movie Experience

How about letting your employees choose a movie to watch together? You can have the team vote on the best movie which you can then stream and watch together and watch together. It is an opportunity to joke and bond, and the team will always look forward to such experiences.

Final Thoughts

Remote working is great for your organization because of the reduced costs and practicality it offers post COVID-19. To get the best out of the remote office set up, take care of your employees by providing them with the right resources. More importantly, provide a relaxing environment by introducing come fun into the new working structure.