JumpTask: A New Step In Expanding The Gig Economy

The age of the Internet has broadened our money-making options immensely. You can find various side hustle ideas on every social media platform. Of course, it’s no surprise that people are looking for ways to make extra money. Inflation rates are skyrocketing, and the cost of living is increasing daily.

At the same time, the gig economy is rapidly expanding as more people are taking freelance or part-time jobs for additional income. One revolutionary way for you to join the gig economy is by using JumpTask, through which you can also discover the world of cryptocurrencies.

What is JumpTask?

JumpTask is an online gig marketplace where you can find various tasks to complete from companies worldwide. There are different tasks, so the users can choose the most suitable one depending on the time they can dedicate and how much money they’d like to make. JumpTask aims to provide a platform for gig workers that includes every age group and people with different backgrounds. These micro-tasks are available to users all around the globe and don’t require specific knowledge, education, or experience. Thanks to this platform, everyone can easily access these money-making tasks and earn crypto tokens while doing them.

It’s important for companies as well. Organizations provide micro-tasks to a workforce with differences in age, location, education, language, and culture. It’s beneficial to have various people contributing to specific projects as it allows companies to have more diverse talent and information gathering. The companies partnering with JumpTask need to define their task types, the time needed to complete them, and the payout amount. It makes using JumpTask and earning when doing tasks easy and accessible to everyone.

JumpToken – JumpTask’s Very Own Cryptocurrency

JumpTask strives to revolutionize the gig economy by providing JumpToken (JMPT) payments, a cryptocurrency made by JumpTask to reward its users. It comes with various benefits for the users such as timely payouts for completed micro-tasks, and little to no appreciation of the token due to market crashes as opposed to crypto coins like Bitcoin.

JumpTask aims to operate on a sustainable business model as its community uses the token consistently by completing various tasks and earning monetary rewards in crypto. JMPT is a utility token that isn’t heavily affected by any drastic drops in the crypto market. In dire times, its value remains stable and in the good times, its value grows significantly. Notably, for every micro-task you complete on JumpTask, you’ll get monetary rewards in JMPT. JumpTask seeks to compensate its community fairily and JMPT is a secure and timely payment method. If you’re unsure about this token, keep in mind that it’s a worthwhile investment to keep your earnings safe and avoid depreciation.

Task Types

Until the end of 2022, JumpTask will have six different task types that the users can choose to complete. If you’re familiar with other earning methods online, you might enjoy completing surveys through JumpTask. Market research companies prepare these surveys and need a diverse group of users to answer them to improve products and services.

Another popular way of making money online is by translating – a task type on JumpTask which helps small businesses access apps and websites across the globe through localization. Also, you can watch ads and earn rewards for doing so or interpret images to help train AI systems. JumpTask offers application testing as a task module which is perfect for people wanting to take part in making the user experience smooth sailing.

The sixth type is manual web testing – a process through which JumpTask’s community helps companies make their websites more intuitive and user-friendly. Still unsure which task type is your favorite? Don’t worry – over a dozen task modules will be available on JumpTask very soon.

New Rules For Gig Economy

The gig economy has been expanding rapidly over the last few years. Thanks to the pandemic, more and more people seek ways to earn extra income. While the traditional money-making options provide us with a nostalgic feeling of security, it might be worthwhile to check out new and revolutionary ways of earning revenue. Technological advancements are everywhere, so search for them on your next journey to making money!

You can join the gig economy through JumpTask and dabble in the crypto world. Moreover, gig workers strive for flexibility and diversity of tasks – that’s what JumpTask provides! The six different task types will give you various options, and you can choose the most suitable micro-tasks for you.