Xpro Markets Review – User-Interface [2022]

Why you need to experience XPro Market Website’s User-Interface  


XPro CFD trading platform was founded in 2022.      It is authorized by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) of South Africa.

XPro’s official website is Broker’s websitewhere visitors will land on its sleek homepage design.

A website is usually a brand’s window into its customers’ souls and its audiences’ window into its soul.

Visitors can start earning in three simple steps. After:

  • Completing their registration and Depositing
  • Building their strategy and trading.
  • Withdrawing their earnings.

The XPro website has a clear interface with an easy to navigate design.

It contains five headers; About, Start Trading, Resources, Platforms and Legal.

Users can choose to go the quick way of scrolling through the landing page or taking their time through each Header; the Landing page summarises the headers.

XPro Market Website has detailed Headers.

Each Header discusses specific pillars of the XPro trading platforms and contains one or more subtitles.

  • About
  • Start Trading
  • Resources
  • Platforms
  • Legal


The about us header discusses XPro UKUCHUMA licensing details.

About explains how XPro is operated by UKUCHUMA FINANCIAL SERVICES (PTY) LTD, a South Africa Investment Firm that is, in turn, authorized by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) of South Africa.

XPro also aims to support every trader in becoming professional by providing top quality trading resources and software.

XPro also uses the MT4 and Web Trader trading software.

Start Trading

‘Start Trading’ breaks down XPro’s trading accounts, funding methods, product specifications, Swap Fees, Holiday Trading Hours and CFDs Expiries.

Trading Accounts:

Aside from providing a Demo account, XPro has four major types of accounts. Classic, Silver, Gold and VIP.

To open an account, users can click any of the numerous CTA buttons on the homepage or tap on register now.

Table I: XPro Account types and specs.

Account Specs Classic Silver Gold VIP
Maximum Leverage 1:400 1:400 1:400 1:400
Spreads (Indicative)      2.5 EUR/USD


2.8  USD/JPY

$0.14 Crude Oil

2. 5 EUR/USD



$0.14 Crude Oil




$0.13 Crude Oil




$0.1 Crude Oil

Trading Instruments All Assets All Assets All Assets All Assets
Swaps Discount Period Available Available
Margin Call 100% 100% 100% 100%
Stop out 20% 20% 20% 20%
Minimum Volume Per Trade 0.01 0.01 0.01 0.01
Maximum Volume Per Trade 50 50 50 50
Negative Balance Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes
Full Account Overview Monthly Weekly

Funding Methods

Navigate to the funding methods sub-header under the Start trading header to deposit.

Then click Deposit Now.

Users can deposit either USD or Euros in their Trading account with:

  • VISA or MasterCard’s Credit/Debit Card
  • Wire Transfer
  • APMs
  • Banks Transfer

Each Deposit Method has its cons, pros and speciation:

  • All deposit methods have a $250 or € 250 minimum deposit.
  • Credit Card has a $10,000/€10,000 and $40,000/€40,000 daily and monthly maximum Deposit, respectively.
  • APM and Wire Transfer have no Max Deposit limit.

Withdrawal might be a headache:

  • Depositing might be smooth, but XPro has a few unconventional withdrawal requirements, which might be considered a Con to their trading platform.
  • Traders must withdraw via the same method through which they deposited.
  • Withdrawal is not available until post-identity verification; their KYC is quite inflexible and requires Proof of Identity, Proof of residence, completing a series of assessments and verifying your payment method.


A certain amount of fees are attached to each withdrawal. Discover

Educate yourself on Resources

XPro platform has a resources header that contains:

  • Trading central
  • Live market summary
  • Chart analysis
  • Economic calendar (accessible via landing page)
  • Trading eBooks
  • Interactive courses.

Depending on users’ subscription type, they can access substantial resources needed to improve their trading skills.

Navigate through resources six sub-headers listed above to get started.


Click the header Platform to get directed to the WebTrader and MT4 trading platforms page.

You can download the MT4 desktop app or opt for the Web Trader.

When users scroll further down, there is numerous call-to-action buttons on the website; they can click to take them immediately to the XPro sign up page.

The company has a get-what-you-see policy. They do not believe in concealment or half-shaded truths. The website copy is clear and straight to the point.

Further down the landing page, users will happen upon an Upcoming Worldwide Economic Events search engine just after the ‘trading assets’; Forex, Stocks & Indices and Crypto’s windows and their respective CTA buttons.

The TC Economic Calendar (As it’s referred to in short) has an interesting and well-detailed filter system that users can use to better define their trading bias by selecting their favourite economic news.

These filters include:


  • Recent & Next
  • Today
  • Tomorrow
  • This Week
  • Next Week
  • This Month
  • Next Month
  • Custom


  • Low
  • Medium
  • High

Location (Countries):

  • G7
  • European Union
  • All Countries

Next down the landing page is customer support.

The Customer Support provides:

  • Live chat option; which users have access to by clicking the black message icon on the bottom right corner of every page on the website.
  • A phone call or call-back request.
  • Email chat.

For more information, Check out XPro Official Website: