Karotz Smart Rabbit Review

Final Thoughts
When I first received the Karotz Smart Rabbit I was really excited to check it out, but after using it for a while I am a little disappointed.  Before we get into all of that let me tell you what I like about the Karotz.  It has to be one of the cutest little gadgets that I have seen.  Everyone that has stopped by my desk has asked me about it and said how cute it was.  One of the most useful applications available for the Karotz is the Live Webcam app.  It allows me to get a live look through my webcam from the Karotz website.  So if I am on vacation or not at home I can just go on my laptop and get a live look in on my desk or wherever I have my Karotz setup.  The Voice Alarm app is also very useful.  Working throughout the day we get side-tracked and may forget things.  I set specific times for the voice alarm to remind me to do specific tasks.

The lack of useful applications was really the big disappoint of the device.  I mean do I really need a robot to read tweets, Facebook statuses and RSS feeds?  Besides reading things to you other applications can play music, tell you the time, weather, and there are a few games, but nothing really worth talking about.  Not only is there a lack of applications almost all of Karotz functions can be done on your computer or smartphone and more than likely in better fashion.

Also keep in mind for most people the Karotz will be sitting on their desk, so why not use your laptop or computer to do these tasks.  I mean it is easier for my to read my Twitter timeline than have Karotz read it to me and I have a widget for the weather that is easily accessible.  If I want to listen to music I have my entire music library or Spotify and it sounds much better coming out of the speakers on my desk.

The only real thing that the Karotz has going for it is the webcam and the RFID tags.  The tags for example can be used to activate apps, which would be perfect for children as the Karotz would act more like a toy.  Also there is an app that will e-mail you and even take a photo when an RFID is swiped.  This would be a good way of checking up on your children.  An example would be when they get home from school they swipe the RFID tag and it will notify you by e-mail.

Right now the Karotz is selling for $129.99 online.  At that price I just cannot justify the purchase of the Karotz.  There needs to be more functionality and applications at that price point.  As I said almost of its functions can be done by my computer or smartphone.  Your needs may be different and you can see some value in the Karotz.  Overall ThinkComputers gives the Karotz a 6 out of 10 score.

– Looks super cute
– RFID tags to enable applications
– iOS App

– Price
– Setup is not so simple
– Lack of useful applications

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