Karotz Smart Rabbit Review

Setup & Usage
Getting the Karotz setup is more complicated than you think.  You first need to go to the Karotz website and create an account.  Once you have an account created you will need to install the software on the Karotz.  You can either do it via a USB flash drive or connect the Karotz to your computer via the miniUSB connection.  I went with the USB flash drive option.  It asks you to enter your SSID name, password and security for your Wi-Fi network.  Once you enter that information you download a .zip file.

Karotz Smart Rabbit Karotz Smart Rabbit

Now take the contents of your .zip file and transfer them onto your flash drive.  Plug your flash drive into the Karotz, turn the Kartoz on.  You will see the light on the front of the Karotz turn different colors, if it finally turns to green then you are good.  It will restart once again and try to connect to your Wi-Fi.  Again if the light turns green your Karotz is fully operational.

When you have your Karotz all setup you can go to the Appz section of the Karotz website to select applications to install on your Karotz.  The applications are very limited and there really are only a few that could really be useful.  To give you an idea of some of the applications there are Facebook, Twitter, Weather, My Notes, Live WebCam, RSS Feeds and voice alarm.  When you want to install an application just click on the download button and it will be installed on your Karotz.

Karotz Smart Rabbit Karotz Smart Rabbit

Once you have some applications installed you can go to the My Account section and select your device.  From there you can see the applications you have installed and when you click on them you are able to configure them.  There are different settings for each application, but on most of them you will be able to setup how the action of the application is launched.  Whether it is on schedule, permanent activation or activated by one of the included RFID tags (Nanoz).

Karotz Smart Rabbit Karotz Smart Rabbit

There is also an App available for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 4.0 or later.  Within this App you are able to rotate the Karotz’s ears, type a message that the Karotz will then say, play music, take a photo with the Karotz’s webcam and change the font LED color.

Karotz Smart Rabbit

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