Kingmax Reveals a Line of Compact, Waterproof USB Flash Drives

Kingmax has released a series of small-size waterproof COB USB flash drives. These new waterproof flash drives, which are dust proof too, come in USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 designs. Not only Kingmax aims to provide superior-quality multifunctional flash drives catering every type of consumer, but it is also on a verge of starting off with a new trend i.e. Kingmax waterproof COB flash drives.

These days, designs of devices and electronics demand compact and thin attributes as well as the safety of withstand rough handling.


The new Kingmax USB 3.0 flash drive series (UI-06) is manufactured by the mutual combination of faster components with dynamic capabilities to create the ultra-small UI-06 COB USB 3.0 flash drive. This flash drive is equipped with a special COB packaging process, called Product in Package (PIP), making the product more compact and air-tight, making sure that the data is safe from water or dust damage. Besides this, UI-06 puts together the high transmission speeds of USB 3.0 with a peak read speed up to 85 MB/s and a maximum write speed up to 22 MB/s for more improved data transfer.
The Kingmax USB 3.0 flash drive UI-06 is available in variants like 8, 16, and 32GB and is available in metallic gleam in blue or gray finish.

Similarly, the Kingmax COB USB 2.0 flash drive series is a combination of both the COB and PIPTM technology as well. Especially the flash drive PI-03 used micro-COB technology makes the chip size and length smaller than the customary COB which results in a super-mini and light, or about 2.5 grams body (equilant to the size of a keyboard key); the Kingmax COB 2.0 flash drive is so small that it is hardly visible when plugged in.

Source: Kingmax | News Archive