Eurocom Introduces the Neptune 3.0 Mobile Workstation with Quadro K5100M Graphics

If one is looking for a completely personalized workstation which can be customized to meet one’s specific hardware requirements for a certain task, then the Neptune 3.0 should not be forgotten. And what else can one want when this highly customized machine is equipped with the latest features and designs to meet the growing needs of consumers. And now Eurocom is successfully introducing its Neptune 3.0 workstation with the NVIDIA Quadro K5100M graphics card.


A professional device for highly professional people; the Eurocom Neptune 3.0, with its intelligent design and specifications, can be used comfortably for a specified task where engineers can freely choose themselves all the components they wish to make use of. This new addition of the Quadro K5100M is a highly successful feature in the mobile workstation and is now readily available for up gradation.

Users are most likely to benefit from its 8 GB VRAM which now provides ample space to users to practice with and work on bigger sized models without compromising on the speed; thus allowing for overall efficiency in work. Along with being able to transgress the limitations of travel, the mobile hardware which can be completely tailored is one of the greatest benefits to the customers. The portability of the workstation is further enhanced with the weight of merely 4 kg and being a mere 1.6 inches thick makes it easy to carry.

Quadro K5100M


The NVIDIA Quadro K5100M features a 256 bit memory interface along with the 8 GB GDDRS VRAM memory which is the heart of the talk. The Quadro specifications also include the maximum power consumption of up to 100 watts and an open GL support of 4.3.

Neptune 3.0 Mobile Workstation Specifications
• Multiple choices of 17.3 inches HD displays with choices of Matte and Glossy.
• Glossy finish or Non Glare (Matte)
• LED backlit
• Storage facility of up to 5 drives
• DVD and Blu Ray burner
• Weight: 4.1 kg (9 lbs)
• Intel Core processors supported up to Intel Core i7
• MXM 3.0b graphics interface with support for NVIDIA GeForce, NVIDIA Quadro and AMD Radeon.

Source: Eurocom | News Archive