Intel Previews SSD Overclocking Performance at PAX Prime

Intel seems to be making quite a mark on overclocking and its efforts to further enhance the performance of its parts are no longer in shade with its plans to introduce the SSD Overclocking feature. This technologically sophisticated feature which will allow users to overclock their SSDs will not only be available on the Ivy Brigde-E but also on all other desktops from Intel. The feature is being integrated with the corporation of the Intel XTU (Extreme Tuning Utility) which is the software application that allows users to share and find overclock settings from other users and fine tune the Intel K processor. New features available with XTU’s updated new version allow users to manually overclock SSDs for higher speed limits. Frequency adjustments in MHz and power mode controls with three options will also be available. Moreover, the NAND flash memory, increasing maximum chip capacity, could be set with different frequencies of 83 MHz or 100 MHz.


Prominent features of the Intel XTU updated for SSD over clocking include the following:

• Controlling power modes
• Frequency adjustments
• NANF Flash adjustment; from default 83 to up to 100
• Controller frequency adjustment; from default 400 to 625

The new SSD Overclocking system will be introduced into the ‘K’ series by Intel. The SSD with the part number of SSDSC2BB480G4 : BTWL3070050Z480QGN, corresponding to the original Intel SSD DC S3500 Series 480GB w/ 20nm MLC NAND Flash with a few adjustments, was previewed at the PAX Prime in Seattle, Washington. One of the prominent modifications is with the memory, which according to Legit Reviews will not be constrained to the contemporary 480 GB. The K series will be available to customers in different capacities.

Source: Legit Reviews | News Archive

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