PNY Introduces StorEDGE Flash Memory Expansion Module

For the sake of memory extensions, people let down the portability of laptops with the use of external storage devices. PNY Technologies, with its innovative idea, has decided to overcome this dislike-able but common obstacle with the introduction of ‘StorEdge’. This new flash memory expansion module has been designed exclusively for making lives easier of all Macbook users while they are mobile. This is one of the most reliable ways of increasing storage facility quickly as well as speedily without compromising on the portability.

PNY StorEdge

StorEdge does not require any plugs and adapters. This is designed primarily as trimmed down SD cards which will fit right into the Macbooks and will not deface its intricate design. It is plugged right into the SD card slot and only the slightest part of it will be visible; showing merely a tiny edge on the side of the Macbook.

PNY, with the introduction of StorEdge, wishes to cut down the limitation of storage space and thus allowing Macbook users to store pictures, videos and other files endlessly without fretting over the speed or the performance of the system. This is made possible with the availability of the flash memory expansion module in varying capacities of 64 GB and 128 GB. Moroever, PNY has provided for a comfortable working experience with a user friendly device. After being plugged into the Macbook, the StorEdge is treated as a separate storage device and requires the simple drag and drop procedure, making it extremely easy to use.

Capacities available in StorEdge:

• 64 GB – priced at $99.99
• 128 GB – priced at $199.99

Source: PNY | News Archive