MSI Announces the AE220 All-in-One PC

MSI has come up with all new AE220 All in One PC. The 21.5 inches touch control PC is equipped with the E2-3000 / A4-5000 APU of AMD’s Kabina platform which provides incomparable performance to the PC and the 15W processor miraculously imparts exceptionally high power. The new graphics have enhanced the multimedia quality and as compared to the previous generations, the 3D performance has improved undoubtedly. Moreover, the Sound Blaster Cinema technology enhances the quality if the sound system and truly makes the AE220 an all in One PC as it gets perfect for watching videos, movies and songs. The MSI AE220 features the E2-3000/A4-5000 integrated with AMD Radeon HD 8280/8330 Graphics.


MSI has surely not only focused on the inward high tech features of the machine but also the design and intricacy which shouts out sophistication and class. This sleek design has been helped by the transparent bezel of the MSI AE220. The lower power consumption beats all other features to be one of the most prominent ones. The All in one PC also incorporates the use of the industry’s first ever SOC (system on Chip) and combines the GPU and CPU on the same chip.

The AE220 is selling on its non flicker properties; the flicker which is usually invisible and not apparent to the naked eye is harmful to the eyes. MSI has made use of the Flicker-Free technology which is responsible for keeping stable all the currents which cause flickering, thus preventing any damage or stress to the eyes. The anti-glare screens of both the models, the touch screen and without the touch screen, incorporates the use of the flicker free technology. Another technology, namely the Blue Light technology serves a useful purpose in the eye protection department of the AE220. It has been developed exclusively by MSI to reduce the blue light transmitted from screens to the user’s eyes.

The MSI AE220 All in One PC is stylish and sophisticated enough to suit your home settings and with its advanced features such as the COM port, it can totally be put to commercial use in stores et cetera. The COM port allows barcode readers and scanning devices to be attached to the PC and it will sit perfectly into even the most strikingly beautiful offices and designer stores. PC Ae220 also features Improved I/O Interface and USB 3.0 Support with 10X the transfer rate.


Source: MSI | News Archive