iPhone 5C to have Matching Colored Wallpapers

The recently leaked images of the iPhone 5C have made quite a stir on the internet. And especially with its delightful colors, the new iPhone is the much awaited release this season. So far this new 5C model, the C standing for ‘Color’, is thought to be the alternative for 5S and will be much cheaper comparatively. The wait is finally coming to an end with the official release of the phone expected to be within a few days as most of the leaked images show the colorful iPhone 5C already packed and ready to be shipped in its markets.


The three colors pictured in the images so far are pastel blue, pale yellow and powder pink, though the phone is also expected to sell in white and black soon. And what make these Apple phones even more attractive are the corresponding colors on the screen as well. The iPhone 5C was definitely a clever idea to compete with the challenging market being overshadowed by Samsung smartphones and the only way the company thought of doing so was by coming up with a cheaper substitute. The use of plastic is what that makes this phone the cheaper alternative,


Prior to its release, the iPhone 5C has faced quite a conflict with its official name with which it will be introduced in the market. It was previously named as iPhone mini and then iPhone Lite until finally the name 5C came along with the plastic casings displaying the name.


The iPhone 5C is looking forward to be launched alongside the iPhone 5S on September 10th and could be priced at $99.

Source: 9to5Mac | News Archive