LUXA2 Releases the Groovy Wireless Stereo Speaker

LUXA2, a Taiwan based manufacturer of mobile accessories and gadgets, has added yet another product to its already existing wide range of headsets and mobile products. The designer and manufacturer has announced the new product recently under the name tag of the ‘Groovy Wireless Stereo Speaker’. There is one thing that stays common with all LUXA2 products; they blend simple designs with perfect touches of elegance and poise and their all new Groovy Wireless Stereo Speakers are no different. The body has been built with aluminum and the finished product comes with a graceful leather strap at the top, which also makes easier the task of carrying the speakers around. Hence, the new Groovy Wireless Stereo Speakers are not only pleasant to the eye but they also feel good to the touch, portraying the ultimate luxury experience.

LUXA2 Groovy

Effortless wireless streaming has been made possible and user friendly with the new stereo speakers from LUXA2 and they are sure to delight the music lovers. LUXA2, with its elegance and simplicity, is planning to portray a certain lifestyle through its newly released product.

LUXA2 Groovy

The premium grade brushed aluminum used for the body of the speakers along with the leather strap makes it easy to handle and thus quite portable. The speakers ensure connectivity at all times with its Bluetooth 2.1 feature and along with this Bluetooth connectivity it also offers wired connection. The device includes midrange and a woofer, intricately designed with polyethylene fiber glass and the device is usable at all times with the rechargeable battery.

Source: LUXA2 | News Archive