Haswell Equipped NUC Spotted at PAX Prime

The NUC Haswell equipped system was announced by Intel and was expected to be launched somewhere in the end of this year. The new NUC Haswell computer has been spotted and is said to have been made in order to put right all the errors which were present in the previous systems of these NUC computers which are the Next Unit of Computing. Measuring merely 4 x 4 x 1.5 inches, these are the mini computers but they are good enough to pass for the normal desktop workstations.


These new NUCs equipped with Haswell are the second generation of the previously launched Next Unit of Computing which made quite a stir in the release year, 2012. These previous NUCs were Ivy Bridge based and had a few bugs that needed to be solved and hence the NUC has finally been reinvented powered with Haswell. The enhanced new versions of the NUC have better and improved features which make these mini computers suitable for any task which a normal desktop PC would do. These new systems come with onboard audio and are equipped with USB 3.0 ports and a SATA connector alongside chassis made from plastic and aluminum. Apart from these new features, the latest NUC brings along some specifications from its predecessor of Ivy Bridge such as the dual mPCIe/SATA slots and SODIMM DDR3 slots.


Specifications and features of the NUC Haswell have been highlighted below:

• Core i5 dual core processor
• HD graphics 5000, 2.60 GHz turbo boost and a 15W TDP
• Headset jack of 3.5 mm and HDMI
• Connectivity with Bluetooth 4.0
• Gigabit Ethernet
• Four USB 3.0 ports

Source: Legit Reviews | News Archive