Patriot Launches its Supersonic 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drives

Patriot has decided to come up with its own solution for the limitations of storage spaces with its launch of the Supersonic line of 3.0 USBs. Three new versions of USB 3.0 flash drives were added to this Supersonic line. These include the Supersonic RAGE XT 128 GB, Supersonic Boost XT 128 GB and the Supersonic Pulse 128 GB.


Patriot, the already established brand of NAND flash, storage and mobile accessories and products, has become the first to bring the Supersonic lineup of 128 GB USBs. Expanding the data storage facility was not the sole purpose of the new line of these storage devices. Along with providing a vast data storage capacity, which also increases the portability of handheld gadgets and laptops, the USB drives provide the users with reliability and absolute excellence of performance. The RAGE XT provides a blistering speed of 180 mbps which is designed with the convenient one sided slide design. The Supersonic Boost XT also provides an amazing speed for a USB at 150 mbps. One of the best advantages of the casing of the Boost XT is its water resistance made possible with the rubber design and a cap which protects the insertion part of the USB. When it comes to reliable and environment friendly casing, the Supersonic Pulse also accepts the challenge. It has been encased in metal covering which allows the USB more resistance towards the environment factors and it gives the benefit to such customers who don’t want to worry about keeping it safe. With a speed of 120 mbps, the Pulse model is excellent for the everyday use of USBs for households and even offices.

All three variations are fully compatible for plug and play with Mac, Windows 7, 8, Vista, XP, 2000, ME and Linux 2.4.

Source: Patriot | News Archive