Sony Unveils Next Generation Premium MDR-10 Headphones

Sony, the world leading manufacturer of electronic devices, has given a glimpse of the next generation Premium MDR 10 headband headphones. Sony looks forward to deliver the most premium quality of the sound to the users with amazing technological features.

The design of the headphones, promoting luxury, are absolutely comfortable for users and support long hours of music listening and watching videos without giving uncomforting sensations. The cushion encased ear cups of the headphones bring the maximum relaxation and allow users to use the headphones for the maximum time without getting tired. Moreover, the headphones can be moved around the axis for comfortable fitting as the user desires and there will be no more tangles to deal with as the attached cable can be removed at any time you wish.


The new MDR 10 headphones feature the Beat Response Control design and have a closed back for absolute isolation and excellent bass coverage. The up-front vocals common to today’s music are met with the 40 mm HD driver unit of the headphone which allows the delivery of a wider frequency range.

These all new second generation MDR headphones are referred to as the digital sound cancellation headphones which come with the option of pressing the noise cancellation technology button. This will activate one of the modes of noise cancelling after an analysis of the sounds in the environment. This technological feature has been enabled with the help of the noise cancelling software engine as well as the sensors used for detection of noise. These MDR 10NRC headphones offer a battery life of up to 20 hours.


Sony will now offer connectivity with the MDR 10RBT headphone, having a battery life of 17 hours, and has one of the most prominent features of the NFC technology. with your NFC enabled tablet or Smartphone, you can instantly connect these headphones and stream endless songs and movies and also make phone calls through Bluetooth with absolute clarity in voice. The streaming feature is not only available for the NFC enabled devices but this feature is also supported by iPods and iPads and other Android phones and tablets.

The standard models of the MDR 10 headphone offer excellence in performance and supports high resolution audio. Their frequency ranges from 5 Hz to 40 kHz and will be available in black and white.

• MDR 10RNC priced at $269.99
• MDR 10RBT priced at $249.99
• MDR 10R priced at $199.99

Source: Sony | News Archive