Philips Launches 144 Hz Gaming Monitor

The ultra high performance gaming monitor has been launched into the market by the world class leaders of technological productions. Philips recently introduced the 144 Hz gaming monitor for the ultimate gaming experience which the gamers are sure to love forever. The smooth and highly well defined images are brought on the screen by the monitor’s ability to redraw on the screen 144 times a second. This is 2.4 times faster than the contemporary monitors.

Philips 144 Hz Gaming Monitor

Spotting your opponents has been made easier with this high end monitor designed exclusively for gaming. The higher frame rate of 144 Hz makes you aware of each and every move on the screen which would not have been noticeable otherwise on the standard types of monitor screens and killing your enemy has never been easier before. This is also further enhanced by the Smart Frame feature which allows the users to highlight certain parts on the screen, thus allowing them to view opponents more clearly. If you are expecting your enemy to appear from a certain portion of the screen, you can have that area highlighted to give it the maximum attention and be ready for anything that comes. For enjoying the RTS mode games further, you can have the screen and image sizes adjusted according to your own wish.


Philips has also designed a Smartkeyboard which can connect with this gaming monitor and allows the gamers to access their presets within a few seconds. This also allows the users to save different settings for gaming or other purposes. Moving around the OSD menu has also been made fun and easier with the easy functional arrow keys.

The Philips gaming monitor for the ultimate gaming experience allows users to:

• Get smooth images with the 144 Hz
• Highlight certain areas with the help of Smart Frame
• Preset RTS, FPS, racing in lesser time
• Save preferences through the gamer mode

Source: Philips | News Archive