Cooler Master Unveils Four New NotePal Notebook Coolers

Four newer versions have been added to the NotePal series by Cooler Master, one of the leading manufacturers of power supplies, computer chassis and CPU coolers. Cooler master developed the Notepals to provide the best result cooling solutions and also ergonomics.

A common mistake that we all make is to use pillows and cushions under our notebooks when we place them on our laps. We do this in order to prevent the heat from getting to our knees and legs but what we are actually doing is making the notebook heat up even further as the cloth on the cushion or the pillow blocks the air ventilation which is required by the processor fans underneath. The new versions of NotePals allow the users to use laptops comfortably in any way they want, without doing any damage to them.

Cooler Master Comforter Air

One of the versions in the NotePals series is the Comforter Air which provides a comfortable cushion against your legs for the laptop without the chances of it getting overheated as it has a built in fan right in the centre. This cooling pad can be used with all 15.6 inch notebooks.

Cooler Master Comforter Mini

Then there is the Comforter Mini and the name suggests how it can also be used for tablets because of its size. This is the reactive cooling pad and is perfect for those notebook users who like to keep it on different uneven surfaces such as the mattresses of bed and pillows et cetera. The Comforter Mini provides a flat and even solid surface for the notebooks and hence allows air to keep passing through to avert overheating.

Cooler Master NotePal XL

The third in line is the NotePal XL which is suitable for laptops of up to 17 inches and brings along a big 230 mm fan which will improve the cooling system and ensure that no overheating takes place. This one has additional features such as the three USB ports and an option which allows the users to adjust the speed of the fan. Under the NotePal XL, there are anti-slip feet which will keep the notebook steady even on slippery surfaces of tables.

CM Storm SF-17

Lastly, the CM Storm SF-17 has been exclusively designed for the gaming laptops. Cooler Master has taken care of the need of the gamers who demand a lot from their laptops. Playing games on the notebooks can become a huge problem as overheating becomes consistent with this. For long hours of gaming, without having to worry about overheating, the CM Storm provides the perfect solution with its 180 mm fan and a fan controller to adjust speeds. It also features 4 USB ports along with four different viewing angels.

Source: Cooler Master | News Archive