Overclockers UK Announces the Ultra High End 8Pack Systems

One of the highest performing over clocking systems has been announced by the Overclockers, UK. The worldwide famous and so far the best in the field of overclocking, Ian “8Pack” Parry, is the name behind the design of the new 8Pack systems. The new 8Pack PC is to bring along a whole new experience of sophistication and high end performance with an irresistible design.


All the components of the new system by Overclockers are said to be chosen carefully and handpicked for the consumers wishing to work with high end and technologically advanced machines to provide them with the best of everything in performance. The perfect chip for the 8Pack system is said to be chosen from a sample of hundreds of CPUs and with continued elimination of these CPUs until the best chip could be found – the one capable of providing the best platform for the building of the Ultra High End 8Pack system. The performance and speed of the new system simply cannot be matched with any other in the market as it is being introduced by the best overclockers in UK. And what makes these the most attractive is the fact that each and every system has been checked for errors by 8Pack himself who also made sure to benchmark and overclock the systems. This maintains the consistency of quality and higher standards which are associated with the high end machine.


Three models of these systems will be launched under the name tag of ‘8Pack’ systems and they will be launched in the market with the names of Polaris, Supernova and Hypercube. The above mentioned luxurious treatment is applied to all the three versions of the 8Pack systems though they all are completely different from one another. The Supernova, as the name suggests, is built to handle the super computers and is at the top of the modern computer systems. The Polaris is exclusively for the gamers with its high end gaming performance and lastly the Hypercube offers ultimate performance levels in a smaller size.


To give the ultimate experience of luxury to the consumers, the 8Pack systems are delivered by a team of two and are installed by them at homes. Moreover, the customer service to follow up later will never disappoint you.

Source: Overclockers UK | News Archive