Plextor Reveals M6 SSD Prototype and M.2 Form Factor Drives

The new line of the storage products by Plextor was revealed at the IFA in Berlin earlier this week namely the M6 SSD prototype and the M.2 form factor SSDs.


The M6 SSD prototype is the sixth generation of the M series, its predecessor being the last M5 series. This incorporates the use the of the A19 Toggle NAND flash by Toshiba which is the speediest version of an MLC in the market at the moment. One of the most attractive features of the M6 SSD is its weight and size. With a mere thickness of 6 mm, this is the smallest SSD available for consumers right now. The company is making this M6 SSD available in different versions to the consumers. Once launched in the market, it will be available under the versions for high performance segment, the PRO version and the ‘S’ version which will be suitable for the average computer users. The Marvell 88SS9187 controller has been paired with the TrueSpeed technology and this makes the M6 SSD one of the most reliable ones. The 5 mm casing which houses the drive is ultra slim and makes the M6 flatter than its previous model. The M6 is expected to be seen in the markets soon along with details of its specifications.


Not much information has been released on the M.2 form factor SSD which is said to be the Next Generation form factor (NGFF) and so far its name has not been finalized. The M.2 uses the PCle interface and will come in lengths of 60 mm and 80 mm. similar to the M6 series, the new M.2 SSD by Plextor will also be paired with a controller by Marvel and the 19nm Toggle NAND flash from Toshiba.

Source: Plextor | News Archive