Western Digital Expands Line of WD RED NAS Drives

The world leading manufacturer of computer hard drives, Western Digital, has launched yet another hard drive for the NAS (network attached storage), the data storage of the computer which is connected to a computer network. The new hard drives for NAS, namely the WD Red, are available in two different capacities of 750 GB and 1 TB. The standard device being 2.5 inches is designed to work with the NAS system and offers an expansion of 3.5 inches allowing the storage capacity to boost up to 4 TB.


The 2.5 inches version is fully compatible with the NAS system and while being used with this NAS system, it has certain benefits to offer. Apart from the obvious advantage of having lesser space required for the 2.5 inch hard drive, the hard drive consumes lesser power and the smaller form factor is quieter. With their Red line series of these hard drives, Western Digital claims to bring forth the “best NAS experience” due to the enhanced 2.0 NASware. This provides security to large amounts of data as data loss resulting from power failures is prevented. Hence, the WD Red is there to offer extreme reliability and allows users to trust the drive with valuable data. This reliability is further highlighted with the 3D Active Balance plus which also enhanced the overall performance of the hard drive.

According to Western Digital, the new NAS conformed Red line brings for customers a new and better experience with NAS and allows them to experience reliability and affordability at the same time. The 2.5 inch WD Red hard drive with the storage capacity of 1 TB is available at a price of $99, the one offering 750 GB is for $79 and the 3.5 inch version with the capacity of 4 TB is priced at $229. All models and all hard drives of the Red line come with a three years warranty.

Source: Western Digital | News Archive