GELID Launches the IcyPad Universal Cooling Pad

GELID has definitely come out to deal with overheating problem faced by almost all users of laptops and small sized gadgets. The Thermal Solutions Company has launched its cooling pads under the tag of IcyPads which are the universal cooling pads and is part of the already existing Silent product line of GELID. As the name suggests, the cooling pads are universal, meaning that they can be used for all gadgets and little machines such as the modems, routers, switches and other small devices. The cooling pad has been introduced with a slim built which allows the device to be used for all sorts of gadgets, no matter how small. Even the smallest of the gadgets such as the Internet media players can be used with these cooling pads. The coolers have been built in such a way that they can accommodate even these small devices which only need to be placed on the top.


The fresh air which prevents the gadgets from getting overheated comes from the silent 80 mm fans built inside the cooler. Moreover, the usage of the device with merely a USB port makes it extremely user friendly and easy to use. Along with being activated with USB ports, the cooling pad can be powered by the 5W (US, UK and EU) adapters which are included in the box.


The new universal cooling pad can be used for all devices and comes with a two year warranty and is available at a price of $12.99.

Source: GELID | News Archive